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Fee Management Software

The Fee Module of DRCSP is the one of the most automated fee calculation module on hand in the market. Apart from being automated it is, at the same time, flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the educational institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of Category selected for the student.

The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also given the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle either applicable.

User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained. Automated bill generation option enhances the system dependability. Fee Receipt can be accepted by the system with few mouse clicks. At any point of time, user can verify collections made and outstanding with single click.

Fee Management is one of the key components in managing Educational institutes, Coaching/Training centers. DRCSP allows great many numbers of features when it comes to fee management.

DRCSP Features - Fee Management Software

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Fee collection

In DRCSP software, you can effortlessly manage student fee collection and maintain fees related data. You can view school wise total fee collected in selected date range. This module displays total fee collected in particular date range by cash, card, cheque, Bank Transfer etc. You can also export the complete data to an excel file.

This feature allows you to:

  • Quickly know your fees collected.
  • View Fees collected for a Specific School.
  • View Fees collected for a date range or fees collected today.
  • At a glance get to view the cash, card, cheque, bank transfer, Advance amount or discount provided.
  • There are many different reports that DRCSP software offers the complete summary of students pending fees and collected amount. Different types of reports that you can generate from DRCSP software.
  • Month wise outstanding fee details.
  • Daily fee collection particulars.
  • Student wise outstanding fee particulars.
  • Online and Offline Fee collection
  • Supporting system

Manage Fee

In DRCSP, you can define the type of school fees (example: Tuition, Stationery, Uniform) to be collected from a specific year/semester. This module allows you define fee groups according to your school rules and apply the different fees defined to the students as required. For example, you can build ‘fee group’ as Nursery, Primary etc with fee types as ‘Tuition Fee’, ‘Stationery fee’, ‘Uniform Fee’, ‘Transportation Fee’ etc.

This feature allows you to:

  • Define different Fee groups for transportation Fees, Nursery to UKG Fees, Primary section fees (I to IV).
  • Define penalty or late payment fees that get applied daily, weekly etc.
  • Accept Fee in installments.
  • Update last minute discounts while collecting fees.
  • Obtain Fees in cash, credit card, NEFT, Cheque.
  • Swiftly update enhancement in fees.
  • Apply the different fees defined to the students as necessary
  • Student wise outstanding fee particulars.
  • Online and Offline Fee collection
  • Supporting system

Receive Fee

This module by design calculates the pending fee and penalty if any applicable to the selected student based on fee structure assigned. You can accept the fee payments from student/parents from various payment modes such as Cash, Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer etc. You can also collect the fee from multiple payment modes example, cash and card etc. DRCSP also records all the transactions you made and involuntarily updates the respective accounts and at any given point of time you can view ledgers of the selected account, you can even print the ledger of the selected account.

This feature allows you to:

  • Print fee receipt in customized formats.
  • SMS/Email fee receipt to student/Parent.
  • Accept Fee in installments.
  • Adjust penalty amounts if any.
  • Give concession if any applicable to the selected student.

Fees Master :

Yearly fee structure with valuable date creation. Fee information repeatedly circulated to Parents

Fees Configuration: 

 Multiple Entity bank accounts with multiple type of fees configuration.

Fees Collection:

Fees Collections for current in addition as next financial year / Collection at each defined…

Optional Fees:  

Optional and Extra-Curricular activities mapping with students and gathering of fees towards such activities.

Transport Fees: 

Transport fees configuration and its payment collection. Online Payment (Mobile APP / Parent Portal): Online Payment option with payment confirmation with receipt generation.

DRCSP Benefits

Complete Report

Email & SMS Alerts

Highly Flexible

Highly Secure

Import Information

Seemless Communication

Low Total Cost

Mobile Enabled

Payroll and Fee Collection.




Online Analysis

User Friendly Design

Web Based Application

Zero Data Redundancy

RFID Technology

Smartcard Technology